Prayer Devotional Programs

Devotional meetings can take on many forms. From a small study group among friends to a large gathering in the community, prayer and devotional study can happen almost anywhere.

The following devotional programs have been compiled using compilations of Bahá’i Writings on specific deepening topics. Generally, these devotional meetings are 30-45 minutes long, depending on the spirit of the meeting and the number of prayers that are given in addition to the collection of writings provided.

These devotionals are a resource for anyone who would like to use them. These devotional programs are intended as a basic outline to follow but you are free to alter the documents to suit the needs of your group. Please include in your final document – the link back to this website,, so that Seekers and others who do not have access to prayer books, can access Bahá’i prayers on their own time and at their leisure to further deepen their understanding of the Bahá’i Faith and bring them closer to God through prayer.

If you have any questions or feedback about these devotionals, you can contact

Unity Devotional

Gratitude Devotional

Deeds Not Words Devotional

Healing Devotional

Sacrifice Devotional

Spiritual Growth Devotional

Women Devotional